Thank you so much for visiting my website! I’m Goddess Velvet, Goddess of fetish & fantasy. I love providing services that fulfill the desires of my fans and myself. My website will let you get to know me, both from a fantasy and roleplay side, but also the real me. I’ll share stories from my past, what’s going on in my life now, and also my dreams and goals for the future. Any purchases and tribute will help me help myself. (Tribute and donation info below) Since I was young I always wanted to be an actress, so in a way I’m doing just that. I love to roleplay and dress up, in general and in costumes. In a way I’m also a reality actress, because I never fake the big O, lol, don’t need to, I’m good at pleasure, of myself and others. I also don’t fake the friendships I form with my fans. I love getting to know all of you! 
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Google pay email is velvetsnowflake69@gmail.com Paypal email is bossgoddessmk@gmail.com 
Cashapp username is  goddessvelvet1 
Circle pay email is boss@goddessvelvet.com  
(Circle will be no longer allow the sending of currency after July 10th. So I will remove this on the 8th just to make sure nobody has their $ wasted)
Thanks for your patience!
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