All About Velvet...

So this is my about me page, however there is way too much to tell you all on a page. I’ll give you an overview though. I’ll also be making a Blog/Vlog & be doing Q & A (Question & Answer) and AMA (Ask Me Anything) videos/live streams, so you can continue to get to know me. So, I’ll also include a form on the bottom of this page for you to submit questions to me.

My Story
So, starting from my elementary school days, I was an outcast. I was the nerdy girl that no one understood and most kids made fun of. That just made me want to be accepted even more. Then, moving on to my teen years, I rebelled, and stopped caring about what people thought of me as much, oddly enough, that persona made me slightly more accepted by my peers. I got in trouble a lot and skipped school on a regular basis. I eventually dropped out and got my GED. I had a year or two of partying before meeting my future ex husband. We met when I was 17, then I got pregnant when I was 18. We eventually got married when I was almost 22, in November 2005. Then shortly after that I got pregnant with my second child. I did the married with kids thing until November of 2014. It was then when my ex decided to leave me for someone he’d been having an affair with for quite some time. My whole life changed that day, mostly for the better. I found myself and my self confidence. I decided to let my boys live with their father, it was supposed to be temporary, (So my ex said) but not having an attorney at the time, I didn’t realize how hard it would be to have them come back to live with me. That is my only regret out of the divorce. However, I do see my children on a regular basis, every other weekend plus alternating holidays and half of school breaks, in addition to 2 weeks in the summer. So, there are times I won’t be available for services, I do not work around my kids for obvious reasons. They mean everything to me. I appreciate your understanding. I will keep you all updated of my availability on my Schedule/Calendar tab on this website. 
Feeling Free for the first time...
During my new singledom, I started doing phone sex, as I had done this temporarily when I was 18. Then one night when I got into a call, I looked at myself in a mirror and thought to myself, “Hey, I’m kinda hot, maybe I should try webcam”. I looked into it for a few months and decided to give it a try. I loved it, and have been doing adult work off and on ever since.
Thank you for your patience
Place holder text. I'm still working on my website but want to be able to publish it as I go. Wherever you see this text, know that this text is temporary. More coming soon. Check back for updates as they will be happening frequently
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