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I Love My Cum Full Version
35 min. Video Overview: Me on my couch, fingering myself, using dildos & my magic wand, first vaginal, anal, then DP (Douple Penetration, one in pussy and ass at the same time.) cumming, tasting it, then going for round 2 & doing DPP (Double pussy penetration) then cumming really hard with thick white cum & eating it again.

I love My Cum Parts 1-3

Same vid, just split into parts
part 1 $15
Part 2 $17
Part 3 $15
Fingering My Ass
As the title describes, me fingering my ass, I'm on my couch and I moan a lot & talk dirty. A little over 5 mins.
Bitchy Wife
This was a custom, here is part of the script: a snooty prudish bitch of a wife see me laying with a hard cock on the bed. Telling me she will not suck my dick because that’s nasty and not gonna happen. She reluctantly takes her clothes off and gets on my dick reverse cowgirl. She is bitching the whole time telling me to hurry up and cum. Then the tables are turned. As she is unenthusiastically taking my cock . I pull it out and slide it right in her ass.  Want to know what happens next?